Cooking Class Taormina

Chef’s Biography

Chef Angelo was born in Mazzeo, a small sea town that is part of Taormina and the bond with his home country and to the sea will always effect his carrier.

The necessity to find a job starts already at 13 years old when the father left as emigrant to Venezuela and never came back again and the mother, that used to work in an Hotel couldn’t follow any more her job because of a complicated pregnancy and the consequent born of two twins. Angelo was the first Male son and had to start working in order to help his family. His first work experience was with Salvatore Coco Chef in a restaurant in Taormina. The meticulous approach and the wide knowledge about kitchen of his teacher was a gift for Angelo which fell in love for cooking, for his country and for our traditions. From then he was given the possibility to be Kitchen Commis in a big and illustrious Hotel, like the Excelsior of Catania

At 20 years old the Chef aimed for starting new experience and left on his own with his 500 around Italy. The first stop, was at one of the best Hotel of Italy, the “Grande Hotel e La Pace” of Montecatini Terme where he grew a how lot of experience and knowledge about meat and tuscany traditions.

At 21 years old he was re-engaged at the Hotel Excelsior of Catania, where he continued to increase his knowledge.

At 23 years old, fell in love with Tuscany and with the willing to increase his knowledge, choose to leave for Florence, always on his 500. Here at the Grest Hotel he had the luck to meet chef Morando, a great experience chef and will become a great friend for him through all life.

At 25 years old, together with Morando, they got contacted and engaged from the Hotel Holiday Inn of Monaco. Here they immediately became protagonist of the kitchen. They experienced different banquets and important events to which was also present the prince of Monaco. They also prepared ball of the GP Montecarlo in 1972, of which our chef still preserves the menù presented and signed by official Pilots. It is also preserved in our Restaurant in Taormina.

The Next year, he experimented in a new adventure and leaves for the Great Britain, again with his 500, were thanks to his experience gets engaged again by the Grest agency in London. Even here he managed to learn a lot, but also left a lot of knowledge to the kitchen staff.

At 28 years old got to Florence with Morando where he took on the new winter season at Saint Moritz at the Hotel Belvedere, high level hotel.

At nearly 30 years old the Chef had felt a strong feeling to get back to his home country, with the willing to take with him all of his knowledge and experiences. During the 77’ he was part, has second Chef of the staff who launched the Grande Hotel Holiday Inn of Giardini Naxos

In less than two years, he became first Chef but his dream was to own a restaurant.

In 1982 he opened the Villa Cagnone Restaurant in Mazzeo, where a beautiful frame of a Villa at 10 meters from the sea, with a family management.

In 1997 he widen his professionale knowledge opening the Terrazza Angelo Restaurant on the main street of Taormina, becoming part of important events like the Film Festival in Taormina and different National Tv Shows.

From 2002 he manages with great experience the kitchen of “Porta Messina” were he continues to offer Sicilian flavours and the emotions of products of our country.

“My relationship with kitchen has always been visceral, the memory of tastes lived during dinners at Home,with my Mother and the all family, where the dishes used to be put at middle table and equally divided between commensals. I’ve always traveled to explore, I’ve never been an emigrant, but a young in search of experience. I’ve loved my job, learned to love also taft work, basic to obtain positive results.

I came back home because I wanted to put up family and thanks to the experience I managed 3 restaurants tasting success and difficulties. I always here about Morando, a master and a great fried. Every time that i can I go and find him in my second Home, Tuscany. From a few years I’ve started to put aside work and started to teach and pass down all of my experience to my staff and to my son Stefano. Thereafter I’ve widen the scissors of my free time; I’ve got a little boat, a small farm where I grown up Mangos, Chickens and four loving crossbreds. I’ve always considered kitchen as a high level of giving, because in my life I’ve always given to my dears, to my family and to my customers. I will never stop to give away my experience to them. Today I breath the awareness that I gave a lot and the willing to feel free to enjoy what I like most far and near from my work. “